the place i leave my non-serious hobby projects
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here be dragons.


NOTE: a lot of this stuff hasn't been committed yet.

actual projects

  • 6502_name_codec - limited text encoding

  • atone_syntax - general parser (nonfunctional)

  • automamba - bash-based auto-installer for mamba/conda/python/MSVC

  • bitten - high-level python interface to biteopt

  • ciel - useless calculator / masochistic C playground

  • direct - pure python BIRECT implementation + related algorithms

  • envelope_follower - many ways to attack and release

  • pga - code generators for clifford algebras

  • phony64 - encode binary data with japanese phonetics

  • rs_dissection - random search experiments

general stuff

  • library - important code

  • approximation - approximations of specific functions or data

  • entropy - lossless codecs

  • games - reverse-engineering games (does not contain games)

  • hashing - hash functions

  • logic - boolean-adjacent problems

  • shader - standalone graphical shaders

  • sound - analysis of sound files etc.

  • tests - i break people's software by accident

  • todo - uncategorized stuff that needs to be moved into a general directory

  • wat - somewhat surprising behavior