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remove elements from this list as you see fit.

  • meta: do build virtualization without Docker, a la Void Linux
  • meta: describe Dockerfile gotchas and whatnot
  • meta: create a custom preprocessor to generate shell scripts
    • takes a sane syntax and transforms it into my fucked-up code style with &&s
  • meta: generate Dockerfiles too
  • all: test literally anything at all on a BSD and a Darwin
  • all: ensure /zip/.args is respected where it should be
  • all: use code style everywhere
  • all: use "proper" directory structures in /opt
    • for source being built
    • for exposed containers
    • for install-cosmo (kinda a subset of the previous point)
  • kuroko: test more vigorously
    • do tests pass on a Windows host?
  • kuroko: use cosmopolitan readline functionality instead of built-in?
  • kuroko: push portions of my patches upstream
  • perl: mimic CI:
  • yices: test more vigorously
    • is alarm working correctly?
    • what about resource limits?
  • util: patch busybox with Alpine patches (especially security)
  • util: add note that cosmocc is separate from jart's cosmocc
  • util: handle -shared in cosmocc (i.e. warn about it)
  • util: include the "pretty" version of dedupe.awk instead of the golfed version
  • util: use cache for apk packages