"i don't like writing about myself," i wrote, writing about myself.


if the front page doesn't make it obvious, it's named after a Deerhoof song.

when i saw the new TLDs roll in, i ran through the names and lyrics of songs i liked to see if there was anything that fit. a bit childish perhaps, but it's hard to beat phrases-as-domains for memorability and cleanliness.

anyway, i saw Eaguru Guru and thought "perfect!" — then sat on the idea for half a year. eventually i bought it, and figured i had to put some content on it. now, besides this blog, it hosts a few personal services, mostly for sharing things with friends.


i've long since removed the blog hosted here for various reasons. sorry about that. although, if you still want to see me rant about needlessly obtuse subjects intertwined with cat pics, then look below.