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super hacky macro hacks for parsing arguments in C

Updated 7 months ago

my gists, merged and mirrored (expect --force pushes)

Updated 6 months ago

some N64 homebrew

Updated 10 months ago

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爆 Bomberman 64 tools

Updated 1 year ago

a bot that learns to play super mario bros. a work in progress. kinda sucks right now.

Updated 11 months ago

[UNMAINTAINED] scrapes rss feeds with regex and timestamps

Updated 3 years ago

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connor's rancid audio plugins

Updated 2 years ago

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look ma, i'm putting my personal preferences up on the internet for all to see!

Updated 1 month ago

various arch/msys2/mxe packages i've modified or made

Updated 3 weeks ago

personal repo for experimenting with neural networks

Updated 11 months ago

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various signal processing code

Updated 1 year ago

downloads and prepares various mnist-compatible datasets

Updated 1 year ago

texture resynthesis (resynthesizer as a standalone C program)

Updated 8 months ago

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MIPS R4300i assembler in Lua

Updated 1 year ago

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majora's mask scripts, and some ocarina stuff too

Updated 2 months ago