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where optimizers go to die a little

Updated 2 weeks ago

cosmopolitan experiments

Updated 1 week ago

the place i leave my non-serious hobby projects

Updated 11 months ago

DNS checker and logger

Updated 2 years ago

super hacky macro hacks for parsing arguments in C

Updated 4 years ago

my gists, merged and mirrored (expect --force pushes)

Updated 2 years ago

some N64 homebrew

Updated 10 months ago

爆 Bomberman 64 tools

Updated 5 years ago

a bot that learns to play super mario bros. a work in progress. kinda sucks right now.

Updated 4 years ago

[UNMAINTAINED] scrapes nyaa.se rss feeds with regex and timestamps

Updated 10 months ago

connor's rancid audio plugins

Updated 10 months ago

look ma, i'm putting my personal preferences up on the internet for all to see!

Updated 8 months ago

various arch/msys2/mxe packages i've modified or made

Updated 1 year ago

personal repo for experimenting with neural networks

Updated 10 months ago

various signal processing code

Updated 10 months ago