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import subprocess as sp
# subprocess doesn't come with very useful wrappers,
# so let's write our own!
class PoopenError(sp.CalledProcessError):
def __init__(self, returncode, cmd, output=None, error=None):
self.returncode = returncode
self.cmd = cmd
self.output = output
self.error = error
def __str__(self):
s = "Command failed with exit status {}:\n{}".format(self.returncode, self.cmd)
if self.output:
output = str(self.output, 'utf-8', 'ignore')
s += "\nstdout:\n{}\n".format(output)
if self.error:
error = str(self.error, 'utf-8', 'ignore')
s += "\nstderr:\n{}\n".format(error)
return s
def poopen(args, env=None):
p = sp.Popen(args, stdout=sp.PIPE, stderr=sp.PIPE, env=env)
out, err = p.communicate()
if p.returncode != 0:
raise PoopenError(returncode=p.returncode, cmd=args, output=out, error=err)
return p.returncode, out, err